Employment visa service In Abu Dhabi,UAE

Employment Visa Services In Abu Dhabi, UAE

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Person who wants to live and work in another country, must obtain a permit. Visa is an entry permit. In visa the purpose of visit and duration of the stay are mention. Many company also sponsor a foreigner for a local work after completing the registration or paper work.

There are different types of entry permit in UAE.

Tourist Entry Permit – In this, the tourist can get the visa through the hotel in UAE or travel agencies. It is valid for one month.

Transit Permit – In this type of permit, the airline company request to issue the permit for the travelers to stay in the country. It is valid for 4 days. The minimum day traveler should stay in the country is 8 hours.

Visit Entry Permit –  This type of permit has two type. Short term visit and long term visit. Short term visit is valid for 30 days and long term visit is valid for 90 days. This type of permit is issued by the company operating in UAE.

Temporary Work Permit – This type of a permit is given to a person who enters the country for temporary work or to do the incomplete work. This visa is valid for 90 days.

Entry Permit for Student – This type of the permit is for the student. This is valid for 60 days and can be extend twice. This is sponsored by college or university.

Entry permit for Medical Permit – It is for patient. It is sponsor by one of the hospital in UAE. It is valid for 60 days and extend once.

Entry Permit for Attending Exhibition, Festival or Conference – It is sponsor by Abu Dhabi Tourist Authority and valid for 30 days only.

Multiple-entry Visa – This type of visa is used for business visitors. It is valid foe 6 month from the date of issue.

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