Department of Economic and Development

Department of Economic and Development-Abu Dhabi,UAE

Department of Economic and Development Proposes the monetary and business approach for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi .works out its financial guidelines, needs and methodology, guarantees full enhancement of its human and material assets, takes part in working out neighborhood and government laws and directions, gets ready and issues financial insights, studies and periodicals; all keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish financial development and advancement of the Emirate and to enhance its venture and business atmosphere.

​The destinations of the Department are to accomplish monetary ​development in the emirate, manage financial and business issues, and work for improvement of the same in light of a legitimate concern for the country.​

Department of Economic and Development:Proposing the monetary and business strategy of the emirate.

Full enhancement of HR and material abilities.

Working out arrangements and strategies that add to the expansion of monetary development rates, indicate patterns, needs, and methods that fortify the focused capacity of Abu Dhabi emirate.

Determining movement and administration handle that can be used keeping in mind the end goal to make Abu Dhabi emirate a recognized focus at nearby, provincial and worldwide levels, and indicate short and long – term needs.

Making speculation atmosphere that can pull in national and outside capitals.

Taking part in working out neighborhood and government standards to overhaul monetary execution, accomplish financial advancement, and enhance speculation atmosphere.

Gathering and breaking down insights, directing investigations, issuing periodicals, and making pre-practicality examines on various ventures.

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