About Us

Al Mashora services established in UAE as a national firm to serve the business community in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Al Mashora provides a wide range of services aimed towards the business community including public, government, and private sectors as well as to individuals to facilitate their transactions and supply value to their businesses, operations and daily tasks. Through recent years of operations, Al Mashora has successfully proven itself as a market leader in its sector through providing innovative, efficient and high quality services to its clients and customers. We have become the choice since our working approach is “your right hand in success”. Al Mashora also strives to create long-term relations with all the local and international businesses in Abu Dhabi. Expertise and high capabilities are Al Mashora main roots for success and future opportunities.
CEO Message

The United Arab Emirates has become an international example for the remarkable strides it has taken in its ongoing development. The growth in the Emirates was exceptional in recent years and the future still holds great opportunities and prosperity. While this growth and prosperity were initially based upon the country’s oil-generated wealth, the UAE today has a well-diversified economy with an internationally significant commercial and industrial base especially in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Al Mashora started in 2009 with a vision of participating in the rapid growth of the service sector in Abu Dhabi. We rely on trained costumer service officers, professional business consultants and an experienced operation team. Our approach in using efficient & advanced technological systems has helped us surpass others in the market. It has always been our goal to provide client satisfaction through high quality services that ultimately are cost and time effective.

Best Regards

Ali Nader Al Sheikh Khazal CEO